Royal Visit

A young Bosuns Mate is on the gate at HMS Nelson.

The Chops M (Chief Gunner) walks up to him and says “Right lad, the Queen is visiting on public duties I want to know the minute she gets here, do you understand? The minute she’s here you let me know”.

“Yes chops” says the young Bo’s’uns scrote

So 10 minutes later a big limo pulls in through the gates, the bosuns mate stops the car, pops his head in and says ” s’cuse me ma’am are you the Queen?” “No I’m princess Ann” “ok sorry to delay – please proceed“

The next Limo pulls in and he sticks his head in the window “s’cuse me are you the Queen?“ “No I am Princess Margaret” comes the reply “OK sorry to delay you ma’am please proceed”

Next Limo pulls in and the same again; he sticks his head in the window and asks “Scuse me Ma’am Are you the Queen”

“Yes I am the Queen”

“Right” he says“ If I were you I’d make myself scarce love cos the Chops M is lookin for you!

RNA Norwich

The Norwich Branch is one of 300+ branches of the Royal Naval Association world wide. It was commissioned in 1979 and today has a membership of just over 90. It is a registered charity in its own right - the Registered Charity Number is: 1068699

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