Branch Officials & Committee

2018 Branch Officials and Committee
Branch President S/M Mike Mizen
Branch Vice-President S/M Ken Baish
Branch Chairman S/M Mike Mizen
Branch Vice-Chairman
(Chairman Elect 2019)
S/M Nev Townsend
Branch Hon. Secretary S/M Gus Honeywood
Branch Hon. Treasurer  S/M Mike Wilkinson
Branch Membership Secretary S/M Gus Honeywood
Branch Social Secretary and PRO S/M Nev Townsend
Branch Welfare Officer S/M Phil Coates
Branch Standard Bearer S/M John Kett
Branch Padre S/M Clifford Self
General Committee Members
S/M Graham Rowland S/M Pat Whiley S/M Barbara Whiley
S/M Reg McGuire S/M Phil Coates S/M Stuart Fidler