Branch Meeting Update – March 2019

March’s Branch Meeting was held at the Canary Social Club on 12 March 2019 with 45 members attending.

The usual formalities were observed with a minute’s silence for those that have crossed the bar, followed by reports from:


  • Presented S/M Caerwyn Ellis with their ID Card and RNA Badge and welcomed Frank Adams on their visit to the Branch..
  • Began by saying to the outgoing Chairman, on behalf of the Committee and the Branch members, a big thank you for his Chairmanship over the past 3 years. The seas during this time have been pretty calm with only the odd ripple. A good benchmark is always to leave a role with the organisation in a better state then when you took over and that is definitely the case with our branch. So again many thanks Mike and BZ.Continued by stating, that he steps into the role with our Branch in very healthy position and with a membership around 100. During the past 24 months over 40 new members have joined the branch. This is great news and is in complete contrast to what is happening nationally with the RNA. We have a diverse membership with Ex RN/RAF/Army, Ex Instructors from Cadet Organisations and associate members which is all good to see.

    At the heart of all well-run ex-service organisations is a good Committee and we have had that in the past and this still holds true today with the Shipmates we have on the Committee as we move forward in 2019.

    We have a few new faces on the Committee, Shipmates Steve Phillips who is an ex Submariner and has recently moved up from Plymouth, Toni Mcloud who we all know well, Toni was our first Shipmate of the year recipient in 2018, Kevin Brett who has moved across from Nottingham in the last few years and finally Steve Deane who lives in the fine City and is responsible for all the train delays….sorry works for Anglia Railways. Welcome to the Committee all of you..


  • MOD announced that those leaving the Services will be issued a Veterans ID Cards in recognition of their service, and as a show of gratitude from the Nation. And, by the end of the year, all veterans will be able to apply for this card, to mark their time in the military. They will act as a tangible link to your career in the Armed Forces but, where needed, they will also help veterans to easily verify their service to the NHS, the local authorities and Service charities. More info on how to apply will follow when we get it.
  • Advised all present of the trip to the Maritime Museum in Greenwich by Dickleburgh RBL.
  • Finished by reporting that so far 10 members are outstanding renewing their membership fees.

Welfare Secretary

  • February was a relatively quiet month on the welfare front. However, the Welfare Officer had the pleasure of meeting the branches oldest member on her 106th birthday. S/M Vera Read was overjoyed with her birthday card from HM the Queen, but Phil thinks that the birthday card from our branch may have topped the one from the Queen! Vera was so thankful for the flowers and chocolates presented to her on behalf of the branch on Tuesday 5th March.

Social Secretary

Events Since Last Meeting

  • 02nd Mar – Branch Run Ashore – Cherry Tree Pub – Many thanks to the 4 (including Steve Deane) who came along.
  • 08th Mar – AFD Carrow Road – Halftime pitch parade – Thanks to all those that took part.

Forthcoming Events

16th Mar – HMS Invincible Memorial Service – 1200 – Happisburgh Church
07th Apr – Breakfast Club – 1000 – Nelson Hotel
9th Apr – Branch Meeting – 1930 – Canary Social Club
04th May – Area 5 Meeting – 1400 – Canary Social Club
04th May – Run Ashore – 2000 – Hotel Nelson
27th May – Costessey Fete & Fayre – All Day – Longwater Lane
26th-27th Jun – RNS –  All Day – Norfolk Showground
30th Jun – 40th Anniversary Lunch – 1230 for 1300 – Wensum Valley Golf Club
25th Jul – Marham Families Day – RAF Marham

Any Other Business

S/M Reg McGuire

  • Advised that the Branch is looking out for memorabilia to display at Fetes and Fayres and any donations of this type for Shipmates would be most gratefully received. S/M Joan Ellis advised that she may have some items that she would be happy to make available to the Branch.

S/M John Kett

  • Provided an update on this year’s Trafalgar Night dinner and began by advising that this year’s event would be limited to 84 places, and cost per head was £26. An overnight booking can be made, and a room will cost £80. Names are being taken as of this evening, and all monies are required to be paid by the September Branch Meeting.

RNA Norwich

The Norwich Branch is one of 300+ branches of the Royal Naval Association world wide. It was commissioned in 1979 and today has a membership of just over 90. It is a registered charity in its own right - the Registered Charity Number is: 1068699

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