Branch Meeting Update – November 2018

November’s Branch Meeting was held at the Canary Social Club on 13 November 2018 with 41 members attending.

The Branch Annual Re-dedication was observed conducted by S/M’s Mike Mizen, Nev Townsend, Gus Honeywood, Mike Wilkinson and John Kett. A Stand Easy followed before reports were received from:


  • The Chairman presented S/M Rhian Coates with herID Card and RNA Badge, and welcomed Matt Phillips on his first visit to the Branch.
  • A very well done and thanks to all those who were involved in the very successful Trafalgar Night dinner and dance. The organisers get the lion’s share of the thanks, but the Chairman would like to extend it to those who decorated the room, and those who played an active part on the night. The success of the night can be judged on the excellent efforts of the raffle ticket sellers and the auctioneers, who between them raised in the region of £700. Well done to all!
  • Thanks are also due to Pat Whiley and Mike Wilkinson who attended the Acle WW1 Commemoration event; also to Reg and Bernahdette who came to boost the numbers of his battlefield presentation. A good job that they did, as not many of the general public did! Hopefully the day has produced some results by possibly recruiting three new members, well done Mike.
  • At the last meeting the Chairman asked that as many as possible make the effort to attend the Remembrance Day parade on the 11th November in the City, especially as it coincided with the 100th anniversary of the Armistice. The Chairman could not have been prouder of the response that he received; we had the largest turn out that we have had for many years and, along with the members of the RMA who attended, the RNA/RMA contingent was by far the largest amongst the ex-Service organisations. The Chairman think that all presentwill agree that the parade itself was brilliant, we were blessed with fine weather and the public turned out in their thousands. He has never seen so many people lining the route before, and the response from them towards all of you was overwhelming. Thank you all for making it such a memorable occasion.
  • Finally, thanks to Gus for obtaining the new RNA Norfolk Branch leaflets, they are well produced and were used for the first time at Acle. If you can think of a suitable place to display a poster size leaflet, then please see Gus to obtain one. As the Chairman has said before, recruiting new members is what makes this Branch so successful so advertising our Branch via the posters has got to be good for us.


  • Following on from where the Chairman finished; commenced by advertising the A3 and A4 posters that had been printed and asked any S/M’s present to take any with them that could be displayed in public places.
  • Reported that thanks had been received by the Branch Guest of Honour for Trafalgar Night, Lt Cdr Anna Townsend commending the Branch on an extremely pleasurable evening.
  • We have received the following from the Boundary Public House:We host the Normandy beach veterans the 2nd Wednesday in the month. On the 14th November we are holding a remembrance service here muster at 1030; 5 bells and services starts at 11 we have a padre here the RAF and the Army are coming could the senior service please attend toAny colours would be welcome We will provide refreshments

Welfare Secretary

  • Once again, a very calm month from a welfare perspective, which seems to have been the theme of the past three months! You may recall last month; the Welfare Officer had asked for the links section of our branch website to be updated to include the Veterans Gateway. Well, this month he has seen first-hand at just how efficient this organisation is. Within minutes of an individual contacting them online for support about accommodation, this individuals phone rang, and it was veterans gateway, asking for more information and providing some much-needed reassurance that support was at hand and that they were not going to be homeless! The contact details for Veterans Gateway are available on the branch website in the ‘links’ section.

Social Secretary

Events Since Last Meeting

  • 06th Oct – Breakfast Club at the Brewers Fayre Broadland View; thanks to the 12 that came along not sure we will go back again though.
  • 20th Oct – Trafalgar Night. Another great night had by all. During the evening we raised £225 from our 2 auction items. The proceeds will be split between the EACH and the Air Ambulance. Thanks to all those that helped make the night a success and in particular Pat and Barbara. Special thanks to both of them for their hard work over the past years organising Trafalgar Night.
  • 21st Oct – El Alamein Service at St Andrews Church.
  • 03rd Nov – Run ashore at the Coach and Horses on Bethel Street thanks to all those turned up.
  • 04th Nov – Dunkirk Veterans Remembrance Service at St Andrews Church
  • 10th Nov – Remembrance Service Hethel
  • 11th Nov – Armistice / Remembrance Day Service Norwich War Memorial

Forthcoming Events

1st Dec – Breakfast Club – 1000 – Table Table Showground

4th Dec – Committee Meeting – 1930

9th Dec – Christmas Sunday Lunch – 1300 – Bawburgh Golf Club

11th Dec – Branch Meeting – 1930

2nd Jan – Committee Meeting – 1930

5th Jan – Branch Run Ashore – 2000 – The Murderers

Any Other Business

S/M Keith Smith

  • Reported that there were some small issues with obtaining wreaths prior to the recent Armistice Day parades and requested that any orders are placed well in advance in 2019.

S/M Reg McGuire

  • Advised that Ray Self’s bench has now been placed near the west entrance on the N&NUH.

S/M Nev Townsend

  • AFD at Carrow Road will take place on 9 March. Volunteers are required to parade round the pitch at half time representing RNA. List on top table which will close after January Branch Meeting; this will include a free match ticket.

RNA Norwich

The Norwich Branch is one of 300+ branches of the Royal Naval Association world wide. It was commissioned in 1979 and today has a membership of just over 90. It is a registered charity in its own right - the Registered Charity Number is: 1068699

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