Captains Table

Captain, Oh Captain
We do it all for thee
If there were no defaulters
How dull your life would be..

We go ashore each evening
To fill in the patrols
Come back off weekends hours adrift
So you can purge our souls

We always miss the last bus
So we can steal a car
We know our duty when we’re drunk
And always smash the bar.

Please do not think it’s easy.
To carry out our crime
We spend our spare time planning it
It takes up all our time

So when you wake each morning .
Your day will brighter be
It’s certain at your table
The face you see is me.

And still you seek in many ways
To stop us going ashore
By cutting leave (no make and mends)
So we can work much more

But when the magic bugle blows
With note so clarion clear
Before the last notes die away
We’re up to the eyes with Beer,

And when our brains are floating
That’s when we plan our best
So that you’ll get no time to sleep
And precious little rest.

RNA Norwich

The Norwich Branch is one of 300+ branches of the Royal Naval Association world wide. It was commissioned in 1979 and today has a membership of just over 90. It is a registered charity in its own right - the Registered Charity Number is: 1068699

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