Why do I wear a Poppy?

I’ll tell you if I may, because I believe remembrance is not only for one day….

I wear it for the fallen, and for those falling still.
For those who come back broken in body or in will.
For the parents, spouses, siblings where bereavement takes its toll.
Whose pain will never leave them, it eats into their soul.
For the wino on the corner, of his old life nothing’s left……
Now he wishes when in battle he’d had died a hero’s death.
For the lad who loved a kick-about; in the park with all his mates,
But now his legs are held together with pins and metal plates
For the selfless men and women; whose final journey home is in a Union flag-draped coffin; on comrades’ shoulders borne.
For all those marching proudly In Remembrance Day parades.
My poppy’s worn in gratitude for the sacrifice that they made

RNA Norwich

The Norwich Branch is one of 300+ branches of the Royal Naval Association world wide. It was commissioned in 1979 and today has a membership of just over 90. It is a registered charity in its own right - the Registered Charity Number is: 1068699

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