RNA & Naval Associations Deployment to Ireland on the MV Marco Polo (Renamed HMS Marco Polo) – ‘Mini Cruise’ 29 Sep -02 October 2107

HOOTRDCOTUDCASDHTHS – (Handsoutoftherigofthedayclearofftheupperdeckcloseallscreendoorsandhatcheshandstoharbourst ationsassumeconditionthreeyankeecloseallredopenings)

Assume NBCD State 3 Condition Y Hands to Harbour Stations…..

The HMS Marco Polo is under sailing orders….

Sail – Liverpool Friday 29 Sept 17 at 1900

Alongside – Dublin 0800 Sat 30 Sep 17

Sail – Dublin 1900 Sat 30 Sep 17

Alongside – Cobh (Cork) 0800 Sun 01 Oct 17

Sail – Cobh (Cork) 1400 Sun 01 Oct 17

Alongside – Bristol 0630 Mon 02 Oct 17

Get Your Station Cards ready and dig out your Steaming Boots, White Chefs T Shirts and slippers for evening rig. Buy your ‘Ikkies’ from the Ships Office and fill in your Bedding Card when your lifejacket is issued. Leave…..leave your civvies in your locker!

Never mind the three cans a day rule on this War Canoe the ‘Tot’ is back in vogue and you can drink as much as you want with the ‘Drinks inclusive package’ of just £15 per person (Sadly you have to buy 3 days worth !!)

This includes; House Brands Wine, Draught Beer, Spirits which includes RUM! and other alcoholic drinks by the glass from all Bars (Excluding premium brands).

HMS Marco Polo is a 22,000 ton cruise(r) ship fully stabilised and air conditioned. All that is required is a £100 deposit per person to confirm your place on this unique cruise.

This Mini-Cruise is currently exclusively booked for RNA Shipmates and CONA Association Colleagues but this can only continue for a limited period and if the available places are not booked the cruise company have the option to open this cruise up for the general public to fill up the available places.

So Shipmates are requested to book up as early as they possibly can so that this does not occur and the cruise remains as a ‘naval deployment’.

The booking form is in last month’s Semaphore Circular. So why not come along and swing that lantern………..

RNA Norwich

The Norwich Branch is one of 300+ branches of the Royal Naval Association world wide. It was commissioned in 1979 and today has a membership of just over 90. It is a registered charity in its own right - the Registered Charity Number is: 1068699

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